One Hour Of Carl Palmer Drum Solos To Master

What else can we say? One hour of Carl Palmer’s drum solos. One of the most amazing drummers with the extensive classic long drum solo. His completed bass drum patterns, mind bogging speed and incredible eye-hand coordination fuels his mesmerizing stage presence. Peer inside the world of Carl Palmer and work on your blisters……..

Palmer owns a Ludwig Vistalite drum kit with blue Vistalite shells. Ludwig signature “Venus” snare drum. In 2011, Ludwig released his “Signature Venus snare drum,” made of green-lacquered brass shell with a 3.7″ depth and a 14″ diameter. Palmer uses a custom made stainless steel drum kit. In 1973, Palmer commissioned British Steel to design a custom stainless steel drum kit using one-quarter-inch thick shells, the only off-the-shelf equipment were the hoops manufactured by Gretsch. He also had a jeweler engrave the shells with various animals.

The kit, along with other percussion instruments and a rotating platform, had a total weight of approximately 2.5 tons and many of the stages on tour had to be reinforced, with some venues cancelling shows because of it. Also, the kit was electronically designed to be “synthesized” to sound like electronic drums.

Palmer also used a brass drum kit manufactured by Paiste, which is built from 2002 model cymbal brass. Palmer currently endorses Paiste and uses this cymbal setup:
* 5″ 2002 Cup Chime
* 13″ Signature Heavy Hi-Hat
* 6″ 2002 Cup Chime
* 18″ Signature Power Crash
* 20″ Signature Heavy Bell Ride
* 23″ Signature Power Crash
* 13″ 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat
* 6″ 2002 Bell Chime
* 22″ 2002 China

Palmer’s custom drumsticks are made by Pro-Mark. They are made of American Hickory, with quite a short length (15 7/8″) and a diameter between a 5A and a 5B (0.579″).

Carl Palmer Drum Solos – An Instructional Dvd by Craze Digital Movies

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