Eric Clapton’s Strat From Custom Shop

Eric Clapton Strat From Guitarimages

Built to Clapton’s specs, the Custom Shop Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster® guitar features an alder body, special soft V-shaped maple neck, three Vintage Noiseless™ pickups, blocked tremolo and Clapton’s signature on the headstock.



stratodave on March 20, 2014 (updated March 20, 2014)
I have been playing electric guitar ever since I was inspired by Eric in 1972 when I was 14. It was his playing on his solo album and Layla that lit up my little life and gave me a passion for electric guitars which have seen me through the last 42 years. I’ve owned and played more strats than I could possibly remember as well as guitars from all the major makers from the US and all around the world. In all this time I have only found two guitars that truly captured the sounds that I wanted to hear – this one and a 62 AVRI. What I find amazing is that I have only recently bought the Blackie, despite being a Clapton nut – huh? I guess I just did not believe all the hype about how good these are and bought in to the attitude that signature guitars are for wannabes and not ‘real’ musos. Well that really makes me the dumb one as I’ve missed out on many years of pleasure as this is one really amazing guitar. Don’t believe the naysayers, try one at your local store or wherever you can and I doubt you will be disappointed. The neck profile is a little unusual but is worth spending some time with it – the TBX and mid-boost circuits really set this apart.


madfad123 on November 11, 2013
Amateur Blues Rock
 Really versatile guitar thanks to the mid boost and the TBX control. The Soft V neck Profile is easily the most comfortable guitar neck I have ever played. The vintage frets however are both a blessing and a curse. It makes some things harder and some things easier. It does however make it difficult to switch guitar especially to guitars with bigger frets. The completely satin finished neck is so smooth and to me feels better than the American Standard Neck.
markwoodbury on October 12, 2013 (updated October 14, 2013)
Amateur Alternative Rock Heavy Metal
 I bought this guitar from a friend of mine in Dubai. I have a few other Fender products and knew the quality would be very good. When I got the guitar it needed some TLC: all the screws were rusted on the pick guard and back plate, there was gunk everywhere and someone did a very bad job mounting strap locks. After fixing and replacing the items mentioned above the guitar looks amazing! I like the way it looks with a little road rash and does not affect anything. Sound is awesome, I play hard rock and it fits perfectly. You cannot crank on this guitar , it needs to be played smoothly. If you do that you will be rewarded with great tone. Playability is great but the saddles need to be better, they are hard to palm mute. Neck and frets are awesome as well. Excellent job Fender.


halvorsån on August 15, 2013 (updated August 15, 2013)
Semi-Professional Blues Jazz Rock Classic Rock Heavy Metal Country Reggae / Ska Punk
 Hello there. I bought this guitar today used from a friend of mine. I have played it a lot for a while, i even had it with me on the road for a little while. and it is just a fantastic guitar. I have nothing bad to say about it. The pickups are great, the neck is great. This is now one of my main guitars!


yt354 on July 15, 2013 (updated July 15, 2013)
Semi-Professional Blues R&B Rock Classic Rock Pop Rock Country
 I bought the original version with Lace Sensor pickups back in the late ’90s. When I tried it out at the local music store I knew it was the sound I was looking for. It has the most comfortable neck and best sound of any strat I have owned ( I own 3 now). I tried a newer version with the Noiseless pickups a couple of days ago and it was strung with 10’s which are too big for me – I recommend 9’s. But the pickups were perfectly silent but still had a good bluesy tone. If I get some spare cash I may buy one.

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